Incahuasi Trek

This two day trek takes place at 2400 – 3200 meters above sea level in the area known as “Portal de los Andes” (the entrance to the Andes). You will be able to see shepherd villages where its inhabitants keep ancestral life styles. Their mud-brick houses are put up in the terraces where they still grow their crops as in the Incan times. The tour includes a visit to an Inca “tambería” (a royal administrative center) and its buildings. The beauty of this trek is enhanced by the possibility to sight condors and its majestic scenery.

Temperaturas: -5° a 28°
ASNM: 2400 a 3300 Mts.
Época operable: Todo el año
Grado de Dificultad: Estos trek son mixtos, entre cortas y largas caminatas. En estos trek se recomienda tener experiencia mínima en caminar en altura. Se camina alrededor de 7 horas diarias.