Photo safaris in Salta: The most interesting places for taking good pictures in the city (1)

Safari Fotografico en Salta

The province of Salta is worldwide recognized by professional and amateur photographers in offering incredible scenery for all climates. But in its own capital also has locations that are a MUST for any fan of the architectural, landscape and documentary photography. So here we you bring two amazing places to go on a photo safari in the city of Salta.

1 – San Miguel Market

It is the oldest market in the city. It was founded in 1865 by Don Saturnino San Miguel and remained in family hands until in 1960 when the provincial government expropriated it and then transfer it to the municipality of the city of Salta. There the salteños buy their fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, cereals and even cell phones. There is a hallway with colorful spices sales; you can also find several places to eat a pizza or some regional food. It is a place with hundreds of stores, strange characters who still roam and do not hesitate to pose for the camera’s eye. It is located in the apple surrounded by Ituzaingó, Florida, Urquiza and San Martin streets.

Ideal time to make this photo safari: early morning if looking to have more space between people. If you want to be full, go to the afternoon, after the 17.

Recommended Equipment: Wide and Tele Lens for details, camera bag and Flash.

2 – Convent of San Francisco

It is one of the most important religious works of Salta, recognized in all the postcards for their great bell and the reddish color of its facade. It has a beautiful architecture and a very good condition considering it was built in 1625. The front of the church is very rich in decorations and presents false curtains made in stucco, a material made of lime, gypsum and marble. Inside also be considered a complex architecture, along with religious figures and paintings of great value. At night, the church has a very attractive lighting. It is located on the corner of Caseros and Córdoba.

Ideal time to make this photo safari: during afternoon or at night.

Recommended Equipment: Wide and Tele Lens for taking details and bag. Do not allow the use of flash inside the church, if you have a tripod, take it.

Recommendations to keep in mind ALWAYS: Ensure the bag and the camera body to prevent outbursts that might be very common if you are a tourist wandering around the city.