About Us

 Mariano Merani: General Coordinator, responsible for the logistics and travel planning in northern Argentina, northern Chile and Bolivia, with 20 years experience in high mountain hiking & trekking, nowadays he is dedicated to the organization in the art of travel, combining the variety of experiences and landscapes according to the requirement of each traveler.



 Juan Esperoni: Guide AAGM (Argentine Association of Mountain Guides) in the north of Argentina, with 20 years of experience in trekking, hiking, climbing in mountains and volcanoes over 6000 meters (Llullaillaco, Pisis, Aconcagua, snowy Chani etc.) A lover of the Puna the wind and infinite loneliness of the mountain-.




 Mariano Arias: Artist in tourism, travel specialist for the good life, in love with the landscapes and the people, the wines and the local cuisine, with vast experience in hiking and trekking.





 Gaston Iñiguez: Tourism Technician with over 10 years of profession working at travel companies in Salta and Buenos Aires. Photographer, lover of lights and contrasts, faces and landscapes, with a different look shows the North from another perspective – photographic Programs Coordinator.




 Noelia Fath: Tourism Technician, she is the responsible of Cielos Andinos EVT. Her main interests are meditation and the travel arrangement focusing in holistic and spiritual tours; she is strong and serene. In touch with the spiritual insight of the landscape and environment that surrounds us.