Fly & Drive

“Travel through Northern Argentina with a rental car”. This service is designed for travellers who enjoy driving outside of their home town. We advise you on road conditions and the type of vehicle to be used depending on the time of year and destinations. We also offer a variety of accessories that you can rent to optimize the trip such as: Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite phones, camping equipment, supplemental fuel tanks, oxygen cylinders and child safety seats. We have different hotel options to suit your needs as well as a varied fleet of vehicles including from economy to luxury cars, 4×4 trucks or family type vans. All vehicles in our fleet are under 2 years old and are equipped with air-conditioning. Visit the North as you would like it.

Why hiring Fly & Drive in Salta?

You can visit the great and varied attractions of Northern Argentina at your own speed. Creating your own itinerary with a rental car and hotel will allow you to be at each destination without concerning about time and enjoy without limitations. The Northwest of Argentina has a network of national and provincial routes (both paved and dirt) which lead to the main tourist attractions. These routes are properly signposted and kept and you usually find petrol stations to supply fuel whenever you need.