The Northwest region of Argentina comprises several Provinces which share similar geographical and cultural features. This area is worldwide known for its wide diversity of natural sceneries: subtropical rainforests, vast salt flats, the high plateau (Puna), mystical volcanoes, snowy mountains, gorges and stunning multicoloured valleys which give travellers the possibility to experience new sensations and capture shots with the best light conditions. The Aboriginal heritage is also another distinctive feature of the region. Because the Northwest was once part of the Great Inca Empire, the area is rich in archaeological remains where valuable Pre-Columbian pieces have been found. It is possible to find the descendants of the Inca who still live in small villages scattered along huge gorges. They subsist on farming, pottery and loom-woven fabrics made from llama, guanaco and sheep wool dyed with extracts of plants using a non-industrial system. The region still preserves the cultural legacy, the local folklore and its singularly colourful festivals. You are invited to find out more by travelling with Cielos Andinos.