The ideal equipment for doing trekking in Salta

trekking en salta
The trails are classified by their level of complexity. There are trails that can be transited in a day and that they do not need more than a bottle of water, a snack food and a jacket. But if we go out for several days we will have to take into account other elements into our bag.
The mountains of Salta that are accessible for trekking but usually are characterized by desert and arid climates; ie one day we will have very strong sunlight, high temperatures and sand suspended. At night, much cooler and maybe windy. So we have to be prepared for these abrubt changes on the wheather.
We share a list of recommended accessories to carry on a trekking trip through Salta
1. Food and water for the day hike, with some extra provisions just in case.
2. lantern
3. Comfortable clothing, waterproof jackets.
4. matches
5. Some fuel to start a fire.
6. Aid kit
7. Penknife or knife.
8. Compass or GPS.
9. Road Map
10. Sunglasses