4 Photo Tips for your holiday in Northern Argentina


1 – Know your camera before you travel:

 If your camera is new we recommend that you take the time to meet most of its functionalities. Whether a camera very simple or very advanced, all functions can bring advantage on a trip such as white balance, exposure time orsize of the diaphragm. The more we know of these features have a better result.

2 – Observe the general plans and details

When you get to northern Argentina you will find a great scenery, but also with  hidden situations among the people of different tows or villages. Therefore we recommend that you learn to observe at different levels. It helps us not to take pictures compulsively, but stop and think about what you want to display. We must learn to imagine what our photos would be, preview them in our heads. Thus we will have a good story told on fewer images.

3 – Managing light and composition

There are two key elements for anyone who wants good pictures. Observation and composition are two human tasks that cannot be controlled by the camera. How we handle the light is the subject bonus of our technique. Knowing the times of sunrise and sunset, how to take photos outdoors and indoors, compensate the exposure, are tasks that we can learn with patience and dedication.

4 – Take care of your equipment

The Northern Argentina is characterized by the presence of a lot of dust in the air accompanied by a hot sun during the most part of the day. Also there are humid regions with high rainfall. All these climatic factors can harm your gadgets in an adventure holiday. Therefore we recommend to always wear a protective bag, filters UV and waterproof bags to protect our equipment from any foreign agent that can damage any component.