3 “must” places for visiting in the Calchaqui Valleys


The Valleys area offers the possibility of wonder incredible landscapes at this time of year, especially for the colors of the ground and the giant sky covering the entire region. Today we bring three unforgetable places that can be visited on a Phototour of 1 or 2 days, depending on the chosen itinerary.

La Cuesta del Obispo:

Is a winding, steep stretch of Route 33, located between Salta and the town of Cachi. It is approximately 20 kilometers long and is located 57 km from the capital. It is an ideal place to take panoramic photos, as it has several viewpoints that we will be able to enjoy descending from our vehicles. A wide angle lens (18 or 35mm) is a must for this path.

Vineyards of Cafayate:

This city is known worldwide for its wines, so at this time of the year you may photograph the different vineyards that surround the area. Old ranches and colonial style wineries are open to passengers and are magical places for experiment with black and white.

Potrero de Payogasta:

Those interested in old cultures will find in this place a refuge of time and space. It is a historical site that was part of Inca Trail, which connected Tastil with Payogasta. Today the precolumbian constructions may be few but it is really worth to know this part of the Valleys’ ancient history.